Sarah Johnson


Sarah JohnsonSarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson grew up with dance in her soul and exploring its beauty and language since the age of three. Sarah has danced and taught with various dance studios from the Albany Region as well as Western New York. Sarah has performed with M*Shaka Fusion, Gus Giordano World Jazz  Dance Congress, Western New York dance festival, Garth Fagan Dance School, Akoma N’toaso Dance Ensemble, Francis Hare and friends, Capoeira Mandinga, various local and regional festivals, and currently BIODANCE. Sarah received her BA and MA in dance education with a pre-k-12 NYS certification from SUNY Brockport. Sarah currently teaches dance at GCCS, an arts integrated blue ribbon school. Sarah is married and a proud parent of her two daughters, four years of age and 11 months. Sarah joined BIODANCE in 2015.