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RESPONSE – 3/29/23 AsIs Gallery 7:30pm

March 28 – 31, 2023

RESPONSE is a four-day event that will focus on spaces as catalysts for responses in the visual arts, music, and dance. The event focuses on the active observation, interpretation, engagement with, and activation of physical environments, and the discovery of new connections through the juxtaposition of art practices.​

– How do we respond to our surroundings? 

– How does our response change over time?

– How do political and social frameworks shape our responses?

– How can our responses shape the spaces we occupy?

– What happens when we confront a space filled with sound, movement, and visual art?

RESPONSE will spotlight visiting artists John Halpern and Daniel Melo Morales, include two exhibitions of UR student artwork, and feature live performances by BIODANCE, UR faculty in the Program of Dance and Movement, Greg Woodsbie, Nancy Hughes, and Ossia New Music. The event will activate three spaces on the University of Rochester’s river campusSage Art Center, Frontispace/Rush Rhees Library, and Hartnett Gallery.

RESPONSE is supported by UCIS ARTS@UR. Special thanks to Missy Pfohl Smith.


3/28 Sage Art Center

Sage Art Center, 835 Wilson Blvd, Rochester, NY 14627 (between Anderson and Wilder towers)

2pm Artist talk by John Halpern

3/29 Sage Art Center

Sage Art Center, 835 Wilson Blvd, Rochester, NY 14627 (between Anderson and Wilder towers)

5pm-9pm SAGEFEST 13 and artist reception for Remixes

5:15pm Zine workshop
6pm Performance by Daniel Melo Morales
7:15pm Performance by BIODANCE and Greg Woodsbie
8pm Printmaking workshop

3/30 Frontispace/Rush Rhees Library

Rush Rhees Library, 755 Library Rd, Rochester, NY 14627 (ground floor of Rush Rhees)

1pm-1:45pm Performance by UR faculty in the Program of Dance and Movement and Ossia New Music
(Begins in Rush Rhees Library hallways and ends in Frontispace)
2pm Artist talk by Daniel Melo Morales
(Kessler Forum, iZone, Rush Rhees Library)
2:30pm-3:30pm Artist reception for A Shift Into
by Daniel Melo Morales (Frontispace is at the entrance to the Art and Music Library)

3/31 Hartnett Gallery

Hartnett Gallery, 201 Wilson Commons, Rochester, NY 14627 (second floor of Wilson Commons)

4pm-7pm Artist reception for Response: Undergraduate Juried Exhibition with juror Colleen Buzzard
4:30pm Performance by Nancy Hughes and Greg Woodsbie