Absent Presence (2004)

Absent Presence

Photo by Kevin Colton

Absent Presence (2004)

At times we shut out those who need us the most and disallow the intimacy we, in actuality, need and crave.  Emotions change without warning from aggression, passivity, indifference, playfulness and intimacy.  Cadence Whittier or Courtney World joins Pfohl Smith in Absent Presence, a work originally developed in collaboration with Philippa Kaye in NYC.

“…wordless exploration of dualities (freedom and intimacy, weakness and strength, closeness and conflict) …”
The Martha’s Vineyard Times (MA, 2004)

“Pfohl Smith’s choreographic flair for dramatic subtlety and cynicism/realism are highlighted in this piece… With her individual sense of phrasing and unique partnering skills, Pfohl Smith has created a subtle, yet haunting portrait of a relationship or life condition that is all too present in today’s world.”  – Anne Burnidge ( 2008)

Original Music by: Sam Pellman