No Dancing Allowed (2011)

No Dancing Allowed (2011)

Choreographed by Missy Pfohl Smith in collaboration with the dancers

Visual Art by Allen Topolski

Premiere performed by Eran Hanlon, Brittany Johnston, Alaina Olivieri, Laura Regna, Julie Schlafer and Courtney World

Costumes by Andrea Bonawitz

By mixing recycled popular dances of the 1940’s with a contemporary perspective, this work looks to a time in our history when the culture of America and the roles of men and women were changed by war, dancing was federally taxed in nightclubs and families and communities contributed to a unified and patriotic effort.  In our culture today where gender and the military is still controversial, dance is banned at the Lincoln Memorial and flags fly in unity against terrorism, No Dancing Allowed is a reminder of our recycling American history at large.

This work premiered Oct. 14 and 15, 2011 at Finger Lakes Dance! at the Cracker Factory in Geneva, NY.