Bull (2007)


     Photo by Kevin Colton

Bull (2007)

Can our political leaders live up to their promises and our expectations?  And are our expectations for own selves realistic, rational and possible? This highly acclaimed intense and theatrical solo performed by Smith delves into the psyche of external expectations, constant attempts to fit the mold, and the discovery of truth in the self.

“Bull is full of tension and rhetoric… For a small person (Pfohl Smith) manipulates her space and commands attention as you try to unravel her frustration suggested by tight sequencing of movements that go from order to disorder. She uses her body as a metaphor for confusion. The musical score by Mark Snyder is a perfect companion.”
– Jeanne Fornarola (Review of Rochester Contemporary Dance Collective at Bush Mango Drum and Dance, 2007)

Original Music Composed by: Mark Snyder