La Création du monde (2017)

La Création du monde

La Création du monde (2017)

Directed and choreographed by Missy Pfohl Smith

Performed by BIODANCE (Sarah Johnson, Natalia Lisina, Laura M. Regna, Jean Michael Rubingu, Missy Pfohl Smith and UR Program of Dance and Movement faculty (Anne Harris Wilcox and Michelle Gipner) and students (Sarah Bjornland, Rachel Hsu, Brianna Quinzi, Zhonghui Sun and Shuang Wu, with Fulei Peng, understudy)

Music performed by the Eastman Wind Ensemble conducted by Eric Laprade

Premiered at the Eastman Theater’s Kodak Hall on Feb. 3, 2017.

Performed on Feb. 8 in the Eastman East Wing 415 with digital media projection by W. Michelle Harris.