Web We Weave (2008)

Web we weave

Photo by Kevin Colton

Web We Weave (2008)

In Web we weave, four dancers share work they collaboratively created with Smith.  By following the instincts of the choreographer and the dancers’ own somatic responses to given structures and guided contact, this approach to dance-making allowed the wisdom of the body to serve as guide.  What unfolded was the tangled web we weave for ourselves in our lives.

” …unpredictability and fierceness… The dancers performed with sinuous athleticism and clarity of intention in every moment, both simple and complicated.  It was visually unpredictable as the weaving took place throughout the work.  And yet it was never chaotic.  Compositional choices were impressive.  Pfohl Smith balanced the stage space, qualitative energies, and human interactions, while challenging our senses and providing good reason to empathize physically and psychologically with the web they wove.”  — Donna Davenport, Ed.D. (2008)

Commissioned Original Music Composed and Performed by:  Thomas McMahon; Stealhead (Kansas City, KS)

Costumes: Kathy Weston (Brockport, NY)