Letter to the World 1.5 (2013)

Eran and Yuko in Letter

Photo by Ralph Thompson

Letter to the World 1.5 (2013)

Choreography by D. Chase Angier

 in collaboration with the original Alfred University cast and BIODANCE

Mixed Music including:  Claudio Monteverdi, Kenny Rogers, Dinah Washington, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Letter to the World 1.5 is a third installment of a work that Angier created as a response to an architectural choice that promoted isolation of individuals as opposed to community-based living space. Letter to the World 1.5 had its world premiere in Rochester at Fabo Collabo on June 8-9, 2013 at School of the Arts featuring the nine dancers of BIODANCE including Kathy Diehl, Eran Hanlon, Yuko Hashimoto, Alaina Olivieri, Laura Regna, Julie Schlafer Rossette, Missy Pfohl Smith, Ellen Tomer and Courtney World. Please visit angierperformanceworks.com for more information about the Letter to the World Project.

This project is made possible in part by the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester with the support of the New York State Council on the Arts.