Guzzle! (2008)

Kremer pile up

Photo by K. Kremer

Guzzle! (2008)

From the greed of “Big Oil” to the brainwashing of Americans, this work discusses this nation’s need (or is it desire?) for oil and energy. Through movement, text, imagery and sound Guzzle! asks pointed questions about our current behaviors in a culture of mass consumption.

“With well-performed spoken and physical comedy and a healthy dose of sarcasm, Guzzle! brings the audience face to face with the United States‘ greedy desire for oil.  In several sections, Pfohl Smith shows her talent for weaving together video, text, sound and movement as she pointedly addresses political/environmental issues and exposes hypocrisies in today’s consumer driven world… (a) powerful piece of theatrical activism.”  – Anne Burnidge, MFA (2008)

Commissioned Original Music Composed by:  David Homan

Video by: Matt Costanza

Found Sound excerpts include Tommy Edwards; Bobby Morganstein; Destination Earth (1956); and Del Shannon; arranged by Pfohl Smith and Costanza

Costumes: Missy Pfohl Smith and Kathy Most

Smith would like to acknowledge the original student cast of Guzzle! at Hobart and William Smith Colleges for their creative contributions, including Adria Baratta, Lauren Budd, Karen George, Shannon Times and more!